An Overview

ZESA Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd (ZENT) is registered under the Zimbabwean company law and is a wholly owned subsidiary of ZESA Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. ZESA Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is 100% owned by the government and its operations are directed by a board of directors appointed by the Ministry of Energy and Power Development.

ZENT provides engineering solutions to the electricity sector through four operating divisions, namely Manufacturing, Projects, Transport and Retail .ZENT was incorporated in 2004 as an unregulated investment arm with the flexibility and autonomy to support the electricity industry. Since then the company’s scope of operations  has grown to include commerce and industry, mines, local authorities and agriculture.

The company is strategically positioned to serve the local market and the SADC region since it is at the epicentre of the SADC region.  It enjoys the ZESA group synergistic relationship with the generation , transmission and distribution sister companies.


To provide quality electrical products and services.


ZENT products and services in every power utility in the region by 2020


  • Sustainability

    Ensuring good environmental management

  • Integrity

    We mean what we say

  • Quality

    Meeting customer specifications timeously at the right price

  • Innovation

    Providing appropriate solutions to meet customer needs